introductory offers for organisations

Introductory offers for organisations

We have some excellent introductory offers for organisations this summer. Are you interested in having groups of students, volunteers or work-seekers access the Career Interests System? Does your organisation have members that would benefit from finding out which career areas and jobs they match to, then why not get our introductory price based on how many users you might want to identify their career interests this year.

How to get a price.

Just use this contact form and complete the fields. Let us know how many user accesses you want to buy, and we will come back with the cost for that number of accesses.

What is a user access?

An authorised user can log in an unlimited number of times during the year. They can complete our assessment to identify their highest scoring careers areas up to 3 times during the year. They can also look up jobs based on their highest scoring careers areas, at any time during the year. This means that they can refer back to the Careers Interests System as a research tool over and over. Click here to see more about this in the user section.

Buying into the system with Introductory offers for organisations

We will bill you for the numbers of accesses you require and will supply you with that number of unique access codes as soon as we receive payment. You can request additional access codes at any time during the year at the same price.