users can self assess to identify their career interests

Which users can self assess to identify their career interests

Users can be students, work-seekers or people who are looking to identify careers for themselves. Most users are given access by their organisation (like a college or council “Routes to Work” team) and users can self assess to identify their career interests. We intend to support single independent users to get access directly by letting them purchase a one-year access code online. If this interests you please use this contact form to enquire further.

Authorised user access.

Each authorised user has their own access code, and can log in with this code an unlimited number of times during the year.

To log in, just click User-Login then enter your access code. The first time this is approved you should complete the entry screen, which includes your name, organisation, private email and a password which you should remember.

If you log in in future then as well as your access code, you should enter your password to verify your access.

Options available to users in the system

  1. users can self assess to identify their career interests by completing the Careers Interest assessment.
  2. View the results of the assessment in a table.
  3. Download a detailed report as a PDF.
  4. Search for jobs in our database related to your results.

You can complete the Careers Interest assessment to identify your highest scoring careers areas. You can do this upto 3 times during your access (4 months apart).

The Careers Interest score shows the career areas that you are likely to be a good match for and you can identify the top 3 to help look for jobs.

The detailed report explains what these high scores mean for you in terms of how they could direct you in finding appropriate jobs in these areas. Look here in the About section of this website to find out more about this.

You can also look up jobs based on your highest scoring careers areas, at any time during the year. This section called Job Interests will help you identify jobs, salaries, hours, and entry requirements for over 600 jobs. You will be able to store the jobs you are most interested in and also find more information about these jobs on other sites.

At the end of the access period

A week before your year’s access is complete, we will email you so you can log on and download any data you wish to keep, and then at the end of the access time we will delete your data so that it maintains your security.

What if your access is arranged by a school, college or other organisation?

We provide reports on number of unique access codes in use related to that organisation.
Once you complete the assessment we will make that assessment available to the organisation so that they can help you along your career path.

If you wish to opt out of the system early (and delete all your data) you should read our Privacy Statement which explains how to do this. You should note that opting out may mean that your school, college, university etc. cannot assist your further with your career interests.