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find out how your personality matches jobs

The Career Interests HexagonCareer Interests is based on the six personality types as shown to the left of this text. These are:

Realistic – People here are doers
Investigative – the thinkers
Artistic – the creative people
Social – people who get along with others and are helpers
Enterprising – people who are persuaders
Conventional – people who like to follow rules and are organisers.

Find out how your personality matches jobs, based on the Holland codes ( R I A S E C ) – for a set of personality types developed by Dr John L Holland. It’s one of the most effective models for examining career interests today.

When you take the assessment test you are asked to respond to a bank of questions about what things you prefer and what you dislike. Our software then analyses the users answers to give a score for each of the career areas above. You can see this as a series of numbers displayed as percentage scores:

find out how your personality matches jobs

The higher the numbers, the more the user’s personality is related to that career area. In our system, you should consider the two or three highest scores and find out how they relate to your personality and to which jobs they relate to. It’s possible for a job to relate to two or three career areas. So in the chart above you might look for jobs in the enterprising career area which have some aspect of the social career area.

Getting the details of your high scoring career areas.

One page of the multipage PDF reportOnce the assessment is completed, you can download a report on your high scoring areas as a multipage PDF. This explains the sort of personality traits that the user may have, related to these career areas.

It also shows a sample of jobs that they might start to explore, as well as showing which career areas could be linked and which ones are unlikely to be related.

Finding out more about potential jobs.

Taking your top career areas from the PDF, you can research all the possible jobs that may be of interest, by searching the Career Interest database, of 600 plus jobs, which provides information on each job, including salaries, hours, entry requirements and which also provides a launch pad for finding more data from internet links.

For more information about accessing the Career Interests System, click the menu headings at the top of this page. Once you have registered with the site, click User-Login to start using the system.